Corporate Tax Planning

The area of corporation tax grows more complicated by the day, with an ever-growing level of compliance falling on business owners.

What hasn’t changed, however, is that you still have personal responsibility for signing your tax declaration, despite its growing level of complexity.

It’s essential, therefore, that you partner with an accountancy practice that is intimately familiar with this area.

You also need a company that is aggressive in terms of legally minimising your taxation burden, and that has the expertise to advise you on your optimum tax strategies at all times.

In short, we make taxation compliance as simple as signing the paperwork at the end of the year, providing processes and systems that minimise its time demands on your business.

Services provided include the following:

  • Preparing initial taxation computations for client approval.
  • Submitting all tax computations and returns on your behalf.
  • Providing accurate indications on the amount of tax due.
  • Regular compliance reviews for VAT, PAYE and general corporate taxes.
  • Regular reviews of capital allowances.
  • Dealing with day-to-day enquiries or one-off investigations by Revenue.
  • Handling any tax liabilities for overseas properties or business interests.
  • Reorganisations and reconstructions
  • Inward Investment
  • Tax efficient company structuring
  • Obtaining VAT ruling
  • Corporate transactions involving acquisitions and disposals